About Me

I've been working as a photographer for almost ten years now, having started working as an assistant for other photographers before setting up my own business seven years ago. You may have heard about a little children's portrait business called Smiley Happy Photography? Yup, that's me.

I am not a natural myself in front of the camera (can't you tell? ) which is why I specialise in creative, reportage photography which is unobtrusive and doesn't require posing and cheesy grins. I love to just stand back and watch the day unfold as it happens. In my humble opinion, all the best moments are unplanned. 

I am happily married to a rather splendid chap who shares my love of food and fitness, and does not share my love of nineties pop music. Together we are the proud owner of five small humans, my two stepsons and our three daughters Felicity, Eliza and Iris: who are all totally wonderful and completely bonkers; and a ridiculous Old English Sheepdog called Lionel 'Moo' Messi who is as stupid as he is handsome. 

When I'm not working or chasing after my children, I can usually be found eating cheese and drinking gin.