Wedding albums, Designed by You and I.

Imagine if the only way to look at your parent's wedding images was on a floppy disc? 

I am a huge advocate for printing your wedding photos. in fact of printing any of your photos. So often, we're so busy in life that we put off things like getting around to printing the digital images that we own. Before we know it, years have gone by and there are no hard copies of the images that we paid for, posed for, and that someone took their time and energy producing. 

I offer a huge range of wedding albums for this very purpose. Mostly, I offer these little beauties by QT Albums. All made in Europe to the absolute highest standards, hand finished and professionally printed on beautiful quality papers, these albums really are divine. Whilst they seem a little pricey on the offset, my markup on them isn't huge. They're super high quality, long lasting and will be loved by all who see them. They come in a range of finishes, colours and sizes, dependant on your style, and can be totally tailored to your design. As a result, no two are the same. From dark leathers to natural linens and whether you like bright colours or traditional black or white; you can really make these albums yours. Furthermore, many of the options available are included at no extra cost. However, you can also upgrade at various stages too, to add more pages (the standard album has 30), upgrade the covers, or switch up to fine art papers, amongst others. 

I personally design each album myself with your input at every stage, so you can chop and change the designs, the layouts and the images inside to whatever you prefer.  I love to really make each album bespoke to you. 

Please let me know if you'd like to discuss adding one of these gorgeous albums to your package, or designing one after you've got married!